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Welcome To The Riddick Verse!

I created this community for the sole purpose of sharing anything and everything I create (ie icons, mood themes, banners, fic, etc.) and/or learn that relates to the Riddick fandom. Please feel free to take a look around to your heart's content and to read any Riddick fic I write. All digital graphics are up for grabs and feedback is welcome concerning fic, but please see my 'Rules' below before you take and/or say anything.

In this community, only I will be able to make posts as the whole point is for me to share my Riddick love with all of you. However, please feel free to leave comments to my posts and to friend and/or join the community. Thanks! :-)

The Rules I'm Declaring…

1. If you decide to take/use any of the graphics I post here, please leave a comment (it's not necessary, but it is appreciated).

2. Be sure to credit me in your keywords if you use any of my graphics for anything (credit goes to either indigochild76 or riddick_verse... or even indigoicons).

3. Do not hotlink any of the digital graphics posted here, please save and upload to your own servers instead.

4. If you can't say anything nice, please refrain from commenting... thanks. :-)

Disclaimers I'm Stating…

When it comes to my Riddick 'fanfiction', I do not own the characters nor the universes within which they roam and play. Those were created by brilliant writers and screenplay writers that I have great respect for. I do, however, take responsiblity and declare ownership for the new situations they are placed in and how they act/react in said situations, etc. No harm is intended for using these characters and universes though, as I write 'fanfiction' purely for fun and in the hopes that others will enjoy the expansions of some of the most beloved characters placed out there in various forms of media (ie books, tv, movies, etc.). Think of it as paying homage to a fandom and to artists I adore.

Banners I'm Waving…

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Riddick-verse is Love
Art based on A. Tuis’ Art

Ships I Sail…

01. Riddick/Eve (OTP)
02. Riddick/Kyra
03. Riddick/Fry

People I Acknowledge…

Background Banner Creator -- houses7177