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indigochild76 [userpic]
Riddick News -- Who Is Eve Logan?
by indigochild76 (indigochild76)
at August 7th, 2007 (11:18 am)

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Some of you have been wondering about these Riddick/Eve scenes that have me so inspired. Well, it turns out that these are scenes only found on the special Director's Cut edition DVD, which has over 5 minutes of extra footage (plus some extra goodies). Well, some of that extra footage includes Riddick's yummy encounter with merc Eve Logan......

The TCOR Unrated Directors Cut DVD contains 5 extra minutes of footage and lots more specials. Thanks to TCOR.com for the info. How many of you knew that Riddick's um... "intimate encounter" with the female merc "Eve Logan" was edited out?

I strongly suggest that everyone check out this edition of the DVD. It's amazing in so many ways and I remember when seeing it for the first time (however many months after it played in the theaters) that I found it so much better than the theatrical version. I'm very big on the special editions in general, so this was a definite treat when they released it at the same time as the usual wide and full screen formats.

Anyway, hopefully this answers your questions somewhat. If you have any more, please ask away... I encourage it! Eve Logan is a character who deserves recognition.... spread the love!



Posted by: Angelina Ballerina (greenovalfruit)
Posted at: March 4th, 2008 12:26 pm (UTC)
Casey - Glare/Angry/Grr

Ohmygod... DAMN THEM!!! I only watched Pitch Black and then TCoR to see Christina (I'm a bit difficult about seeing things in order and not missing information so I watched pitch Black) and while I was pleasantly surprised by both of them (hai, when's the third one coming out? There's GOT to be a third) I was SO INCREDIBLY PISSED that Eve Logan was this background character. Jesus! They get this amazingly hot, capable (for the physical stuff as well as the character) actress and what do they do? Well, pretty much NOTHING! ACK!

Now I'm all upset that there IS in fact extra footage and I can't see it. Growl.

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