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indigochild76 [userpic]
Riddick Fanfic -- TCoR: Voyage To Underverse - ch5
by indigochild76 (indigochild76)
at February 20th, 2006 (03:14 pm)

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Here is chapter 5, all beta read and such by the wonderful eustacia_vye28. I'm busily working on chapter 6 now... lots of thinking and outlining are occurring and soon it will be written. In the meantime, I hope those of you following along are enjoying the story so far.

Title: The Chronicles Of Riddick: Voyage To Underverse
Author: indigochild76
Rating: R
Pairing: Riddick/Kyra, Riddick/Eve, Lord Vaako/Eve, Lord Vaako/Dame Vaako
Characters: Riddick, Aereon, Vaako, Dame Vaako, Toombs, Eve Logan, Shirah, various Necromongers; mention of Lord Marshall Zhylaw, Kyra, Purifier, Ziza, Imam
Word Count: 2627 (only for ch5)
A/N: Spoilers for EfBB, PB, DF and TCoR

Logan eyed the Lord Vaako as he stood on the balcony overlooking the Necropolis. He was watching Riddick and his wife. That Necromonger beauty of his had been hanging on Riddick’s every word for the past several hours. It was as if she somehow knew they all had spoken the previous night and was thus trying to foil their plans. Logan blinked a few times and sneered. She then set her sights on the staring and obviously anxious Necro male.

The merc girl felt something warm touch her shoulder suddenly.

“You ready,” a voice whispered in her ear. It was Toombs.

Logan nodded. “Yeah, it’s now or never.”

“I’ll be coverin’ you, in case somethin’ goes wrong.”

Logan nodded, heaved a forceful sigh and then walked towards the Necro male. She made sure to wear one of the many dresses the Necromonger females had provided for her. She thought perhaps it would make her more appealing.

Vaako, his nerves completely rattled, spun around almost immediately as the merc girl approached him. Logan wasn’t surprised by this. She wanted him to feel like he had the advantage after all.

Vaako’s face showed worry and concern. “What are you doing up here?”

“I’m allowed to go wherever I want. Your leader hasn’t placed any restrictions on where I go.”

Vaako just nodded, reluctantly accepting what the merc girl had to say.

Logan just moved closer. “So, what do you Necromonger men do all day? I’ve been trying to figure that out since I’ve boarded this ship.”

Vaako arched an eyebrow at her curious question. “Well, right now nothing,” his voice dripping with obvious disgust. He turned around to look down at Riddick and his wife once again.

“Why’s that?” Logan chuckled, trying to make the Necromonger feel a little more at ease and as if she understood his plight.

Vaako’s lip twitched slightly. There was something about this merc woman that appealed to him, she was beautiful and seemed genuinely interested in him. But he felt as though he shouldn’t trust her. After all, she was a friend of that Riddick’s. Or was she? He had to admit that he truly couldn’t tell what the relationship was between the two mercs and Riddick. He found that somewhat interesting. Perhaps this merc beauty was someone he could relate to and someone who would actually listen to him. He was tired of being alone and merely watching on from a distance. “It’s our new Lord Marshall. He just isn’t doing things in a way we are used to dealing with. It’s causing confusion with all the Necromongers and I’m trying to reassure them that things are all right. It’s been quite a burden lately.”

Logan was surprised at how freely the Necromonger spoke, but she welcomed this stroke of luck nonetheless and managed to conceal her feelings on the matter. “I think I understand what you mean. Your new leader definitely has his own way of doing things.” She paused and bit her lip, trying her best to look convincing, as though she truly did understand Vaako’s feelings. “It’ll be his downfall one day.”

Vaako let out a soft and amused snort. “You think so?”

Logan didn’t answer him, but rather heaved a sigh instead and touched the Necro’s arm. It was a bold move on her part, but one she was willing to risk trying anyway. Vaako shifted his gaze to the merc girl’s hand that was now touching him.

Concealed in the shadows, Toombs looked on. “Goddammit woman, what the fuck you doin’?” he hissed. His voice did not carry. The merc’s gun was ready and his senses were sharp. “Charm is good, but this soon?” Obviously, Toombs didn’t approve of Logan’s rash style of conducting things.

“So, what do you usually do then?” Logan asked Vaako, trying her best to sound coy.

Vaako shifted uncomfortably, but he made no motion indicating to the merc girl that he wished for her to remove her hand from his arm. “We are used to strategizing.”

Logan curved her lips into a small, seductive smile. “Really? I knew it!”

“Knew what?”

“That a strong and clever Necromonger like you would be the one to help your leader so closely. Maybe, if you play your cards right, you can make your leader understand your ways better.”

Toombs, still hidden in the shadows smiled. “Good recover,” he whispered.

Vaako narrowed his eyes and stepped away from the merc girl. “I don’t trust you and I’m not going to play your game.”

“I’m not playing a game. I’m a merc. As soon as I’m able, I want to capture your leader’s ass and bring ‘im in for a cut.” Logan’s voice sounded somewhat angry.

The Necromonger just stood there. He then motioned for her to continue.

“The way I see it, we can help each other.” She moved even closer to him, narrowing the already small space between their bodies.

Vaako stared into Logan’s eyes. He could feel a strange warmth emanating from her body. It was a warmth that the Necromonger females did not, and would never again, possess. “And how’s that?”

“We both want Riddick off the throne, right?”

“I don’t think that this…”

“I’m not stupid, Vaako,” Logan interrupted. “I can see who the true leader of your people should be. It should be someone who understands your ways and wants what’s best for your people. It should be you.”

At that, Vaako’s hand flew through the air and struck Logan across the face. The strike was hard and caused her lip to bleed.

“Aww, fuck me,” Toombs whispered. Immediately, he aimed for the Necromonger’s head, ready to blow it away in an instant if it came to that.

Logan just licked her lip and whispered, “You frighten me, Lord Vaako.” She paused for a moment and added, “And I like being frightened.”

Vaako’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that kind of reaction from her.

Toombs arched an eyebrow in surprise. “Well, I’ll be? Women… you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t kill ‘em.” He chuckled quietly to himself.

Logan looked up into Vaako’s eyes. “I’d never cross a powerful Necromonger such as yourself.” At that, despite the Necro’s earlier action, she made her way towards him once again.

Vaako could feel her body’s warmth and he liked it. “I see.”

“I think we could help each other.” She touched his arm and pressed her body against his. “And in more ways than one. I see how you look at me.”

Toombs, still on guard, despite the fact that he could see that Logan was now in total control over the situation, was dumbfounded. Logan truly amazed him at how she was working the Necro fool. She made it look so easy. He definitely had a newfound respect for the woman after this display.

Vaako licked his lips, his eyes showing a hunger that could rarely ever be seen in them since his conversion. He then gently touched Logan’s lip, her blood getting on his index finger. The Necromonger stared at the scarlet red drops for a moment and then placed his finger in his own mouth, tasting the merc girl’s blood.

“I believe, breeder, you might be right.”


Riddick liked the attention he was getting from Dame Vaako. He could drink in her scent for hours on end and never get tired of it. Yet her attention placed him on his guard and he didn’t like that. He didn’t trust her and he knew she was up to something. That was not only obvious by her sudden appearance that morning in the Necropolis, but also by the fact that Lord Vaako seemed to be looking on at them from a distance. It was as if he was letting his wife do what she did best and thus set things up so that he could gain access to the throne.

The Necromonger beauty showered him with praises of admiration at how he was making the ultimate sacrifice by not taking Zhylaw’s and Kyra’s souls. She also told him how she found his actions regarding that matter very curious. She wanted to know why he wouldn’t take them when any other Necromonger would jump at the chance.

Riddick let her words pass through him. He was more intent on watching Lord Vaako up on the balcony. Logan was with him. What exactly she was doing talking to him he didn’t know. Suddenly, he saw the Necro hit her. A growl escaped his lips, but the rambling Dame Vaako didn’t seem to take notice. He watched Logan clutch her face and he suddenly was able to smell the merc girl’s blood. It was a faint smell, but it was there. Riddick felt his muscles tighten at the scene.

“Well?” Dame Vaako asked.

Riddick looked away from Logan and Vaako up on the balcony. “Why don’t you go find your husband. I think he needs you right now.”

Dame Vaako cocked her head questioningly. “But Lord Marshall, my question…”

Riddick just stood up and walked away from the woman. “Don’t follow me,” he said.


Logan felt her stomach knot up as she watched Vaako taste her blood. She was beginning to question whether what she was doing was the right thing or not. Moreover, she was wondering whether it was a mistake not to have consulted Riddick before executing such a dangerous plan, especially since it put both her ass and his own on the line. Sure, she had Toombs covering her, and she trusted him, but would he be enough? And what would Riddick think once he found out their plan? She knew he would; he had a way of finding out everything.

Logan smiled and began to back away slightly.

Vaako gripped her waist, pulling her to him. “I need to see you again,” he whispered. “It’s too dangerous for us to be seen together like this out in the open. Besides, there’s my wife to consider.” The Necro chanced a glance down into the Necropolis, but his wife was busy talking with a group of females.

“I don’t know when,” she answered. Logan’s mind was racing trying to figure out how to respond. A part of her was surprised, and relieved, at how easily the Necro was swayed yet another part was suddenly fearful of what he could do. She didn’t think his response would be so aggressive. Regardless, she needed to focus. Her plan was a good one and the only way to make any progress in foiling whatever plan this Necro and his wife were scheming.

“How about tomorrow?”

“Eve,” a voice spoke.

The merc girl felt her insides grow cold and as if her legs would suddenly give way causing her to fall.

Vaako immediate let go of the merc and backed away. He turned and bowed, “Lord Marshall.”

Logan turned around and Riddick’s eyes seemed to pierce her soul. She could see as plain as day that he already knew what plan she had in mind.

Toombs holstered his gun and stepped further into the shadows. He could see that Riddick was pissed off. The way he figured it, there was no reason why both he and Logan should get into trouble for not discussing the plan of action with him first. One of them had to stay on his good side if they were to get off the basilica alive. He felt bad at the idea of leaving Logan behind to deal with the convict, but he really didn’t see any other option. He knew in the end she’d understand. This was a matter of their survival. Besides, he was certain Riddick would eventually see reason and thus see that her plan, though risky, was a good one. Slowly, the merc continued to back away until finally he was a safe enough distance to race back to his quarters undetected.

Riddick eyed Vaako carefully and then turned his gaze back onto the merc girl. “I think it best you don’t wander into the Necropolis. Only Necros are supposed to have that honor.” He paused and added, “It’s a rare occasion that exceptions are made.”

Vaako looked somewhat stunned. He couldn’t believe that the new Lord Marshall was actually starting to uphold some of the Necromonger laws and traditions. This was indeed a good sign, albeit ill-timed. He was angered by the interruption. He wanted Eve, but he couldn’t help but feel somewhat elated by witnessing this slight change in the Furyan’s way. His wife would find this most interesting indeed.

Logan, her face pale, nodded and began to walk away. But Riddick motioned for her to halt. He then looked at Lord Vaako. “I think your wife is looking for you.”

Vaako’s eyes widened and he excused himself.

Riddick turned towards Logan. He took a hold of her chin and examined her face. He breathed in deeply. “You’re bleeding.”

The merc girl shivered. “I know.”

“You should’ve talked to me first.” Riddick tilted her face from side to side, continuing his inspection. “You’re playin’ with fire here. I didn’t want you and Toombs to do somethin’ stupid, but it looks like you did anyway.”

Logan suddenly felt sick inside. More than anything she wanted to prove to this man that she was a ruthless merc, capable of executing the most dangerous of plans. She knew her plan was a good one despite the risks involved with it. She wanted Riddick to acknowledge that.

“I didn’t do anything stupid,” she spoke.

“Could’ve fooled me.”

“Look, there’s no other way to get to Vaako. He’s distracted with his wife hanging all over you.”

Riddick smirked.

“And he needs to have his distractions placed elsewhere. These Necros have been eying me since I boarded. And I know why, I’m not stupid.”

“That’s still debatable.”

Logan sneered and pulled her face away from Riddick’s grasp. “Vaako has needs. His wife can’t give ‘im what he wants and she’s all over you anyway. I can provide him a distraction. I’ve got ‘im right where I want ‘im. In a matter of days I’ll have him telling me anything I want to know.”

“I won’t have my people mixing with Necros. That’s unacceptable.”

“Your people?” Logan was shocked at Riddick’s choice of words for her and Toombs. “There’s no other way, Riddick.”

Riddick thought of Kyra, of that fateful day on Crematoria. Of how he could see that her innocence had been stripped away by trying to make it in a line of work that offered no sympathy or compassion. How did Eve make it in this line of work when his Kyra could not? He looked into Logan’s eyes. There was something she was hiding from him and from everyone else. He didn’t like that he could see that. It reminded him of Kyra and why she had failed. He wished he could go back in time and do things differently, but only for her.

Riddick leaned in close to the merc girl and whispered in her ear. “You best watch yourself, princess.”

Logan’s heart fluttered when he uttered his nickname for her.

“And next time,” he continued, “don’t think you can keep me out of the loop. That’s a mistake right there. You need to trust me on that, Eve.”

Logan closed her eyes as Riddick spoke. She’d felt a connection to this Furyan ever since she cuffed him on Helion Prime. Hearing him indicate that she had no trust in him stung more than Vaako’s earlier strike across her face. Everything was so confusing. She couldn’t tell where she stood any longer, not that she ever could before. But now, it was worse.

“I only trust one person, Riddick. Me.”

Riddick looked into Logan’s eyes and smiled. “How interesting.”


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Posted by: indigochild76 (indigochild76)
Posted at: March 5th, 2006 10:59 pm (UTC)
Re: damn!

Thank you so much! It's nice to know that others (other than my beta) are actually reading this fic and I'm even happier that you are enjoying it. :-)

Chapter 6 is actually done and chapter 7 is about halfway there... so more will be up eventually. There will be a bit of a delay though because my AWESOME beta reader has like the schedule from HELL right now... but have heart. More will be coming. I added a bit of a 'progress report' type of post letting you and whoever else might be reading an update as to how the fic is coming along.

So, have you read anything else of mine or just this particular fic? I'm just curious because you sort of alluded that you've read other stuff of mine. Regardless... glad you are enjoying the Riddick fic! It's such an under-represented fandom, don't you think??? And how come there are absolutely no Riddick/Eve communities out there??? I find that quite shocking! :-)

Posted by: swingkitty007 (swingkitty007)
Posted at: March 6th, 2006 05:26 am (UTC)
Re: damn!

No problem...i figure you oughta get good feedback so you'll keep writing it. :-D I do like the Riddick/Eve thing very much...especially since the actress (christina cox) is a good foil for him...being that she's all sexy and buff. (I want her abs!) I haven't really read anything else by you...BUT, because I enjoyed the first 5 chapters so much (I was very bad and read the entire thing at work when I was supposed to be working on paperwork..but I just got so caught up in it)I'm going to look at the other stuff you have written. The Riddick fic IS a Very under-represented form. I do like where you're going with the story line very much...it makes sense as a continuation of the first two movies. I've never played the game so I don't know how it relates to that. Anyways, keep writing please! (so i can keep getting fluttery)


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